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Smith Family Protects Rare Prairie & Oak Savanna

Smith Family Protects Rare Prairie & Oak Savanna

Smith FamilyWe’re very excited to report that in partnership with Barbara Smith and her family, we were able to permanently protected Barb’s beautiful 58-acre property in Lafayette County.

Located just north of Argyle, Wisconsin this special place contains rare remnant prairie and oak savanna, and associated pasturelands.

Considered one of the most threatened plant communities on the planet, Wisconsin’s total acreage of oak savannas today is less than one one-hundredth of 1% of the pre-settlement area. In addition, native prairies cover less than one-tenth of one percent of Wisconsin’s pre-settlement acreage.

Thankfully Barb and her family’s commitment to conservation will assure the permanent protection of some of the rarest natural communities in Wisconsin, and the world.

The conservation easement will also provide water quality benefits to Brennan Creek — which flows just south of the property — and the Pecatonica River.

However, beyond these natural resource benefits, one of Barb’s most significant contributions to conservation is the land ethic that she has instilled in her children and grandchildren.

Though she and her family actively invest in and steward this important property the land ethic that Barb has passed on will have effects far beyond this single parcel, and for that we are especially grateful.

We’d like to thank them all for their land legacy, commitment to conservation and for creating a brighter future for our children.

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