Driftless Area Land Conservancy

Timing is Everything

A landowner finds the right moment


When asked why he decided to protect his land with the Conservancy, David Kopitzke and Paul Klawiter answered, “We couldn’t in good conscience ask other landowners to protect their land if we weren’t protecting ours too”.

After decades of restoration, additional land purchases, and David serving as a key board member at Driftless Area Land Conservancy, David and Paul protected their land forever.

The botanist and biology professor in David recognized how special this property was, with over 80 acres of high quality forest, prairie, wetland, rock outcroppings, and many rare plant species. The board member in him also told him he needed to do what he was asking others to do with their land and protect it.

As a founding board member of the Conservancy, David knew first-hand the importance of protecting high quality habitat and rural character in the Driftless area. The property provides over 70 acres of high quality forest habitat, and is part of a much larger block of forested land that extends onto adjacent and nearby properties, Several forest and brush birds species listed as Special Concern in Wisconsin have been seen on the property, such as the wood thrush, blue-winged warbler, and the bald eagle. The understory is even more impressive, with excellent habitat made up of rare plants like cream gentian, miterwort, wild ginger, smooth rock cress, and wood betony.

With wetlands and over 300 feet of frontage on Mill Creek, David and Paul’s property will continue to provide water quality benefits, excellent fisheries habitat, and scenic views to the general public traveling through the area.

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