Driftless Area Land Conservancy

Conserving it for the next 12,000 years

Conserving it for the next 12,000 years

Over 35 years ago, Jim Herrmann first experienced breathtaking views of towering limestone outcrops and a beautiful valley below. As he stood there, he realized it could go the way of so many beautiful landscapes and be converted into a development.

Or, it could remain as is—a tribute to the State of Wisconsin, his family, and to the people who have visited this site for over 12,000 years. “That’s when we decided to buy it. We just fell in love with the land.”

Located adjacent to one of Iowa County’s three State Parks, the rock shelter on the beautiful Herrmann property served as a gathering place for Wisconsin’s First People, the paleo Indians, who lived in the Driftless Area thousands of years ago. It’s been a gathering place ever since.

“We decided that protecting the land with the Conservancy would be a great way to transfer it to our daughter—and ensure that it will never become a rural subdivision or tarnish the visitor experience of the neighboring State Park,” reflected Susan Herrmann.

Jim added, “We wanted to ensure that it would continue to be a special place. Ultimately we want to leave this place in better shape than we found it.”

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