Driftless Area Land Conservancy

Looking Ahead

How the Driftless Legacy Society can help you plan and
protect what you love


“Grassland birds are declining, which is a big concern for me.  I really love this landscape and hope to do anything I can to help protect the beautiful views and the wildlife I care deeply about.”

Mary Trewartha couldn’t be more serious about her commitment to conservation. On top of permanently protecting and actively managing her land, Mary has joined the Driftless Legacy Society and included Driftless Area Land Conservancy in her will.

Through her legacy gift, Mary’s gift will continue to have an impact on protecting the beautiful views and area wildlife for years to come. We are honored to be able to call Mary our partner in conservation.

Providing a planned gift is one of the most influential and meaningful ways to support a non-profit organization. These gifts can play a pivotal role in the future of an organization in meeting its mission. Options for including Driftless Area Land Conservancy as a beneficiary are as follows: In your estate plan through a will, retirement account, insurance policy or a living trust.

Planned gifts can also be made through a charitable remainder trust, a gift annuity, pooled income fund, charitable lead trust, donor advised funds or real estate. A financial advisor can help you sort through your best options. The primary benefit of joining the Driftless Legacy Society is the satisfaction of knowing that your estate will be used to protect and steward lands, wildlife and waters throughout Southwest Wisconsin. In addition, the planned gift will help enable generations of children to learn about and grow to appreciate this truly unique and special region we call the Driftless Area. If you are interested in planned gifts or have any questions, please contact Dave Clutter at dave@driftlessconservancy.org or call 608-930-3252.

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