Driftless Area Land Conservancy

Creating a Sacred Space

Norm and Alice Rubash love their special piece of the Driftless land so they chipped away every year in transforming the land as a place that wildlife would love and flourish.

The transformation is the result of dedication, patience, and a love for the land. Together, the Rubash’s have protected and transformed their land into pristine oak savannas, wetlands, and blooming prairies for wildlife to make their homes.

“By conserving this land, we are helping to ensure that future families—just like ours—will be able to cherish this amazing place. Our friends and church group loves to come, and maybe 50 years from now, a new generation of people who love the land will be able to do the same,” explained Norm. “For us, this land was part of our family, it is part of who we are.”

Driftless Conservancy