Driftless Area Land Conservancy

The Impact is Undeniable

An Update on ATC’s Proposed Transmission Lines

The Conservancy and legal counsel, the Environmental Law and Policy Center (ELPC), spoke to the Driftless Defenders on July 11th at the Dodgeville American Legion Hall on the topic of ATC’s proposed Transmission Lines.

The potential impact is undeniable. “Imagine the outcry if a proposal were made to build transmission lines over the Grand Canyon” remarked David Clutter, executive Director of the Driftless Area Land Conservancy. “Coupled with the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife Refuge, our ancient Driftless Landscape is every bit as special and reverential.”

Travelers and residents in the Driftless Region have always enjoyed scenic views, rolling farmland, intact natural habitats, and abundant wildlife populations. The repercussions of this project will transform this portion of the Driftless landscape for generations.

Howard Learner, Founder and Executive Director of the ELPC, added, “We are not debating whether transmission is good or bad. We are debating where transmissions should and should not run. This is a unique place, this is a special landscape, and this is a valued community, and all are worth protecting.”

DALC is currently working with local communities, elected officials & a network of groups to oppose the Cardinal-Hickory Creek Line.

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