Driftless Area Land Conservancy

Protecting a National Treasure

Protecting a National Treasure


ELPC Tours Portion of the Driftless Area

Late last month, staff and board members from the Environmental Law and Policy Center (ELPC), toured some of the most scenic spots and fragile environments in Iowa County.

The ELPC is a major Midwest public interest environmental legal advocacy and eco-business innovation organization.

The ELPC represents DALC in our opposition to the installation of the proposed high-voltage line that would carry electricity between County, Iowa and Middleton, Wisconsin, adding about 500 steel towers to the landscape of southwest Wisconsin, each one standing 10 to 15 stories tall.

"There is a lot going on in this area," states David Clutter. "Most people wouldn't think of putting a power line across the Grand Canyon, so why would we think of putting one through one of the most beautiful and unique landscapes in the Upper Midwest? We have a national treasure in the Driftless Area, and we should treat it like one."

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