Driftless Area Land Conservancy

DALC submits comments to the Rural Utilities Service

On behalf of the Driftless Area Land Conservancy and their members, the Environmental Law and Policy Center has submitted comments to inform the Rural Utilities Service’s (“RUS”) scoping process for the Environmental Impact Statement (“EIS”) on its decision whether to finance the proposed large Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission line and tall towers in the Driftless Area of southwest Wisconsin and northeast Iowa.

The RUS’s EIS must rigorously explore and objectively evaluate all reasonable alternatives, including no-build and robust non-transmission alternatives.

The RUS must evaluate claims of need for these proposed costly transmission line based on the current factual data showing flat demand for electricity in Wisconsin. RUS must evaluate whether any purported need can be met through alternatives that result in less harmful environmental impacts.

The RUS must also consider all reasonable direct environmental effects and indirect environmental effects of the proposed large Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission line, and cumulative environment impacts in light of the nearby Badger-Coulee transmission line.

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