Driftless Area Land Conservancy

Protecting Monarchs

Are you interested in joining the effort to save the iconic Monarch Butterfly?

Monarchs need more milkweed and nectar flowers on the landscape to thrive in the Driftless Area and here are a few ways that YOU can help improve their habitat.

First, we need your help collecting milkweed seeds this fall. Our goal is to collect 50 pounds of milkweed seed, which will be used to create more than 1500 acres of excellent new monarch habitat in our region.

When picking seeds, be sure to request permission if you are not collecting on your own property.

Seedpods should only be collected after the seeds have turned brown and the ‘seam’ on the back of the pod splits open easily; green seeds will not continue to ripen after a pod has been picked.

Second, several types of support are available to help Driftless Area landowners create excellent Monarch habitat on their property.

For instance, we will provide eligible landowners with a customized Monarch management plan, seeds for milkweed and nectar flowers, and referral for cost sharing and other sources of financial and technical assistance.

We can help YOU secure the resources to manage the lands you love while helping these magnificent prairie pollinators.

If you own property in the Southwest Grasslands of the Driftless Area and are interested in joining our efforts to save this iconic butterfly, please contact amy@driftlessconservancy.org for more information.

Natasha Rank