Driftless Area Land Conservancy

Spring Burning Makes Way for New Growth

Prescribed burning has long been used to control overgrown vegetation or prepare fields for planting, but in our efforts to restore habitat and make way for native species fire takes center stage.

Springtime burning helps eliminate invasive species, keeps forests healthy by eliminating unwanted undergrowth and can prevent unwanted fires later on. Important Wisconsin species like the jack pine require fire to open seeds for distribution and other species like the white and bur oaks require the help of fire to prevent being crowded out by more shade-tolerant trees. Lupine also thrives when fire pares back encroaching and competitive species.

Follow the smell of freshly scorched earth as you find yourself wandering the Driftless and rest assured when you see a black field that new life is waiting to burst forth, take root and thrive.

For more information on what is happening across the state visit The Wisconsin Prescribed Fire Council.



Natasha Rank