Driftless Area Land Conservancy
Dale Moody
Board Treasurer

Dale is a retired professional engineer and was an engineering/technical manager at Alliant Energy in Madison, WI. He graduated from UW Platteville with a degree in Civil Engineering. He enjoys nature/outdoor activities and spends lots of time on prairie, woodland, and wetland management and restoration on his properties. He is also a long term volunteer Hunter Education Instructor (35+ years) for the Wisconsin DNR.  “Conservation is very important and Land Trusts, like Driftless Area Land Conservancy, are one of the few ways that permanent land protection can be accomplished. If we are not good stewards of the land, quality landscapes may not be here for future generations.”

Dale and his wife, Doris, maintain 94 bluebird houses on their property where 340 bluebirds and 64 tree swallows fledged this past spring and summer. It gives them a good reason to be outdoors with their friends, grandchildren, and dog all summer.